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Jon LaVerde Photography is vowed to give you an amazing session and deliver pictures you’ll love! So here are a few tips to bring excitement to your upcoming session:

- Be you!

  • Let your outfit express who you are. Wear accessories that bring out your style and bring in props that show off your passion or creative personality!

- Be Comfortable!

  • We are determined to capture the best of your personality, so we create a fun and energetic atmosphere so we can photograph just that! We want this session to be about you, so if you have any ideas or comments, don’t be afraid to tell us! We’re here for you.

- Don’t worry about the little things!

  • Do you have some blemishes? Little things that have you worried about showing up in your photos? Don’t worry! We’ll retouch those imperfections and make sure they’re history! Worried about the weather ruining your big day? Again, don’t worry! We’ll work with you if we have to reschedule.

- Are there things you should avoid before you come in?

  • The camera is its own being; there are some things it doesn’t like! The camera loves solid color clothing, but isn’t crazy about strips or patterns. Try to avoid clothing that have too many stripes and/or cluttered plaid designs. Also, try to have anything done to your hair at least one week before your photo shoot (trust us on this one). Girls, be gentle on your makeup and/or tanning, you’re going to look great regardless, and guys, clean facial hair is key!

- Are there things you should do before you come in?

  • We want to make sure we have enough time with you. You may want to fix your makeup or do something with your outfit. So it’s best to come in at least 5 or so minutes before your session. Make sure your outfits are clean and ironed the night before and whatever accessories or props you bring in are ready to go!

- Have any friends interested?

  • If you have any friends who book us and mention that you referred them, not only will they receive 8 extra wallets, we will give you a complementary 8x10 or 8 wallets of your choice! (only applies to the Perfect Package collection)

- Still have things on your mind?

  • Worried about some other things? Don’t be afraid to call or email us! We’re here to make sure your session is one to remember! - 617.625.2397


Remember, you can always choose your senior photographer. Don’t be fooled into thinking you cannot have wonderful pictures from a studio of your choice! So, come on in and let’s capture the moment!

  -Jon LaVerde Photography



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